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IUR “Ecological risk assessment of environmental radioactivity” event series – Position paper following the 3rd IUR Workshop (Essen, Germany, 2017) now published
2018-03-07 - Environmental radioactivity

[ held 16-17 September 2017 - Essen, Germany ]

Low dose ionising radiation effects on the ecosphere

The third in the “Ecological risk assessment of environmental radioactivity” series of IUR-sponsored events took place in Essen Germany, just before the European Radiation Research Conference, September 2017. The aim of the workshop was to bring radioecologists together with radiobiologists to discuss approaches to protection of the environment against ionising radiation. The workshop format was arranged around dedicated sessions, each led by 2 leaders, which addressed specific questions to be discussed. Most participants provided introductory talks as a starting point for the discussions, the content of which was subsequently synthesized in a position paper for publication in the open literature.

The position paper was published last month as an open access paper in Environmental Research, Volume 162, April 2018, Pages 318-324

"When a duck is not a duck; a new interdisciplinary synthesis for environmental radiation protection"


Duck by Carmel Mothersill

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