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V International conference - Modern Problems of Genetics, Radiobiology, Radioecology and Evolution
2019-12-03 -

[ 5-9 October 2020 - Yerevan, Armenia ]
The V International conference MODERN PROBLEMS OF GENETICS, RADIOBIOLOGY,RADIOECOLOGY, AND EVOLUTION dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the birth of N.W.Timofeeff-Ressovsky will be held from 5 to 9 October 2020 in Yerevan, Arménia. SAVE THE DATE! TOPICS Genetics Genome universe Regulation of mutation rate Protein variability and its regulation Environmental impact on… Read more >>

DULIA-bio Workshop
2019-09-18 -

[ 4-5 November 2019 - Assergi, Italy ]
The 2nd edition of the DULIA-bio Workshop will be held from November 4 to 5, 2019 at Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso of INFN, Assergi, Italy. DULIA-bio is a series of meetings organized in deep underground laboratories around the world. The focus of these meetings is cross-fertilization of research in biology with the community working in underground laboratories. The 2nd edition… Read more >>

International Scientific Conference "Radiobiology: Contemporary Issues"
2019-04-09 -

[ 26–27 September 2019 - Gomel, Belarus ]
International Scientific Conference  "RADIOBIOLOGY: CONTEMPORARY ISSUES"  The Conference will take place at the Institute of Radiobiology (Gomel, Belarus) from 26 September to 27 September 2019. Key Topics Assessment of the impact from electromagnetic nonionizing radiation of various ranges on biosystems at molecular, organismic and population levels; Biomedical aspects of… Read more >>

Joint Meeting IUR-MODARIA II on Radioecology of Arid Regions
2019-03-26 -

[ 24-26 June 2019 - Rabat, Morocco ]
A Meeting on Radioecology of Arid Regions, linked to the IUR Task Group on Radioecology in arid regions, will be held in Rabat, Morocco, from 24 to 26 June 2019. This joint meeting IUR/MODARIA II follows the previous meetings of the researchers involved in the IUR Task Group on the transfer of radionuclides in arid environments Athens, Greece - 6–7 April 2017 - Joint Interim… Read more >>

INSINUME 2019 - 8th International Symposium on “IN SItuNUclearMEtrology as a tool for radioecology
2019-01-11 -

[ 23-26 April 2019 - Kuşadası, Turkey ]
The 8th International Symposium on “IN SItuNUclearMEtrology as a tool for radioecology – INSINUME 2019” will be held in Kuşadası, Turkey on April 23 – 26, 2019.  INSINUME 2019 will be organized by the Ege University Institute of Nuclear Sciences and the Institute for Radioelements – IRE and its subsidiary IRE ELiT. The previous INSINUME Symposia… Read more >>

2nd International Conference on “Environment, Survival and Sustainability”
2018-12-14 -

[ 7-11 October 2019 - Near East University in Northern Cyprus, Turkey ]
ESS 2019 - 2nd International Conference on the Environment Survival and Sustainability The 1st International Conference on Environment: Survival and Sustainability in 2007 has been completed with great success. The conference welcomed over 3,000 participants and valued contributors from 108 different countries. In total, 1,463 research works were presented.   This year, the… Read more >>

International Scientific Conference "Radiobiology: Current issues"
2018-04-12 -

[ September 27-28, 2018 - Gomel, Belarus ]
Institute of Radiobiology of NAS of Belarus to announce the International Scientific Conference "RADIOBIOLOGY: CURRENT ISSUES" The Conference will take place in Institute of Radiobiology, Gomel, Republic of Belarus, 27-28 September 2018. Main topics of the conference:- Assessment of influence of electromagnetic non-ionizing radiation of different wavelengths on the molecular… Read more >>

NRPA International Workshop - "Regulatory Supervision of Legacy Sites: the Process from Recognition to Resolution"
2017-05-05 -

[ 21-23 November 2017 - Lillehammer, Norway ]
International workshop organised by the NRPA in cooperation with the IAEA, ICRP, NEA and IUR on “Regulatory Supervision of Legacy Sites: the Process from Recognition to Resolution” Lillehammer, Norway, 21-23 November 2017 Download this Announcement in pdf format here This 2nd Legacy Workshop is follow up Workshop to previous event held in Oslo in 2015 documented… Read more >>

IUR Workshop - Radiobiology meets Radioecology
2017-03-30 -

[ 16-17 September 2017 - Essen, Germany ]
The joint meeting ERRS 2017 and GBS 2017 which brings together the 43rd Annual Meeting of the European Radiation Research Society and the 20th Annual Meeting of the Society for Biological Radiation Research will be held in Germany, Essen, from 16th to 21st September 2017. On this occasion, a satellite IUR Workshop "Radiobiology meets Radioecology" will take place in the Institute of… Read more >>

EU NORM 2017 Symposium
2017-01-17 -

[ 2-5 October 2017 - London, UK ]
The EU NORM 2017 symposium will provide industries, regulators and radiation experts active in the field of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) with a platform for discussion and exchange of expertise and information. The symposium will also give scientists, radiation experts, regulators and other specialists the opportunity to present their work and interact with other… Read more >>

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