Last updated : November 30 2020



From tangled banks to toxic bunnies; a reflection on the issues involved in developing an ecosystem approach for environmental radiation protection
2020-08-07 - Publications

[ Access a recent article published in Journal of Radiation Biology ]
Provide a platform for radioecologists to engage with radiobiologists to address major questions around developing an Ecosystem approach in radioecology and radiation protection of the environment.… Read more >>

Integration of ecosystem science into radioecology: A consensus perspective
2020-08-07 - Publications

[ Access a recent article published in Science of Total Environment ]
In the Fall of 2016 a workshop was held which brought together over 50 scientists from the ecological and radiological fields to discuss feasibility and challenges of reintegrating ecosystem science into radioecology. There is agrowing desire to incorporate attributes of ecosystem science into radiological risk assessment and radioecological research more generally, fueled by recent… Read more >>

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